Fear Quotes with Motivational Images

Fear is the one of the major factors that affects human behavior, even when we are not aware of that fear is forcing us to choose one options instead of another. Because of that we consider fear as very important factor in human lives and we made several motivational images with fear quotes. As you already know we use this website to post various wise sayings and inspirational thoughts written on the beautiful images. We feel it as our duty to share with you thoughts that may help you to change your views on life and bring you happiness. Sometimes even quotes consisted of few words can help you to improve your mood or to make better decision in certain situation. Some posts on our website like the one with quotes about success can eventually make you rich by encouraging you to start your own business and make your dreams come true.

Fear is a prison quote about fear

Fear is a Prison.

Well let’s start talking about fear and fear quotes, as we already said fear affect your life more than you expect. Maybe you recognize it as fear only when you scared of something, but that is only the one way on which fear can be expressed. Every decision that you are making is affected by fear, when you are facing two or more options, unconsciously your brain is under affection of fear and will force you to make “safer” option. But that always will not be the “safer” option, because fear is an inbred instinct from the ancient times, and in modern times it can’t properly recognize real dangers and will lead you into making sub-optimal decisions. Just as quote on the image above says, fear is a prison!

Fear is What we learn inspirational quote with image

Love is what we are born with, Fear is what we learn.

It is obvious that small children are not affected by fear as much as grown ups. It is probably because they still don’t know a lot about dangers around them. You probably watched videos of little babies playing with various dangerous animals. It is obvious that we are born with desire for love and friendship but with the passing time we learn more and more about various dangers and we start to fear more and more. We start to choose safe alternatives over the right ones.

Fear has two meanings choice is yours

FEAR has two meanings: 1. Forget Everything And Run or 2. Face Everything And Rise. Choice is Yours!

When we notice that fear is controlling our lives we need to change that situation immediately. As the fear quote above states F-E-A-R has two meanings, you can let it control your life and run from obstacles and let the fear to make decisions instead of you. Or you can face your problems and overcome obstacles, ignore fear to a reasonable extent and make the right decisions. Believe me, that will bring you a lot of happiness and success in life, you need to show your strength and overcome the problems you are facing. If you run from problems things will get worse with the passing time, only problem solving will reduce number of problems in your life.

We are living our fears quote

Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears. Les Brown Quote

As we early mentioned, fear will force you make choices that you actually don’t want. All of us wish to live our lives freely and happily, we all have dreams and want to make them reality, but we can’t do that if is making choices instead of us. We are living our fears not our dreams, and that must be changed as soon as possible. Don’t doubt, don’t hesitate, do what you want and what makes you happy. If you are doing the things that you love the success will come by itself sooner or later. Don’t waste your lives on the jobs that you hate, don’t spend all your days in the cities if you like nature, go out and do the things that really make you happy.

Take every chance fear quote

Take every chance. Drop every fear.

Well we put this fear quote on the last place not because it is not good enough but because that you already realized that you need to take every chance and drop every fear. If you have read carefully text above you have learned a lot about fear and how it works. You realized that you need to confront it and take every chance. Be like the lion from the image with quote above, show courage and start pursuing your dreams. Overcome every fear and start doing what you love and enjoy, if you dream about starting your own company then do it. Life is short and on the end you will only regret the missed opportunities. If you want to be like successful people you must start acting like successful people act.

We hope that our images with quotes about fear helped you to better understand how fear affects your decision making. Understanding that will help you to make decisions wisely and avoid being miserable because fear controls your thoughts. Maybe those quotes are simple lines of words, but sometimes they are all you need to improve the quality of your life. Explore further our website Popular Inspirational Quotes and find more posts with images with inspirational quotes and sayings.

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